Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 9

The one big shame of my timing here in Rotorua is I get 3 days in one of the most exciting adventure sports cities in the world and the forecast says rain for all 3.  I did however decide not to let that stop me so I started my day by rafting the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall (21 feet), yes it was epic and yes our boat was the one that flipped.  I've never rafted anything that narrow before, it felt like a kayak river but the trip started with 3 epic waterfalls (9 feet, 4 feet, 21 feet).  Unfortunately I couldn't take my Gopro because they require a chest-mount, which I didn't know existed, and while their rational was perfectly reasonable I am again left without pictures for another awesome adventure (I'm including a stock one of the big waterfall anyway because holy damn that was cool)
yup: madness

After a little break I decided to keep pushing the lets get a little wet and wild thing so I decide to try the Ogo (basically Zorb but not the same company).  HOLY CRAP, not what I was expecting, totally worth trying.  It is hilariously entertaining and when I get proper wifi I will upload some very poorly shot Gopro videos.  I did, again thanks to the kindness of strangers, get a ride back to my hostel from the Ogo (so on that front still blown away).

My now super eventful day came to a close with dinner, a stroll through the night market, and a short hike through a very cool geothermally active public park.  Dinner was awesome, I made a friend in Paihia at the hostel and we somehow ended up in the same room at the hostel here in Rotorua and he offered to make dinner (obviously I'll do tomorrow's).  The night market led to some curiously crunchy but delicious churros.  And that park, wow, it was muddy and sulphury and steamy and very very cool.

Perfect evening.  Lastly, the hostel I picked last night is kinda awesome, there is a climbing wall inside the same building and the hostel windows all look at the wall, it is awesome (and given the rain, thi lets me climb without risking life and limb).  I still haven't gotten to use it yet but I'm thinking tomorrow is the day.

Another photosphere addendum

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