Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 22

Not as exciting a day as some of my others because it was a lot of travel time.  The Stray bus got me to Christchurch with a couple of stops to take some pictures.  This is one of my favorites as we were leaving Mt Cook.
Mt Cook sitting precariously on top of a road
More fields of those cool flowers

When we made it to Christchurch, I hopped a bus to the airport and got a little bit more writing done.  The cool bit was that after I checked in I got to go an awesome Priority Pass lounge (courtesy of my Citi Prestige card).  Free food and drink plus a helping of good wifi (still a surprise in New Zealand).
Yay free stuff

After a moderately long flight to Melbourne (4ish hours, 240NZD, Qantas economy) I found my way to my uncles house in the suburbs.  The one problem is that none of the unattended systems, like the train ticket machines, took an American credit card (no chip and pin, maybe I need a Barclay Arrival card).  Now for a few days of sitting on my butt and hanging out with family.

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