Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 8

Today also started early but this time I had to get myself 10 kilometers to a bus stop.  The cool thing I'm learning is that you should never underestimate the kindness of people around you.  Yesterday I didn't have food and the nearest store was 2 km away but the guy who runs the hostel gave me a ride.  Today, I had barely walked a mile before a cool guy named Maui (I have no idea how it is spelled) picked me up and gave me a ride the rest of the way.  That bus stop got me on a bus that eventually got me to Hobbiton.  Yes, I got to go to the land of halflings today.  First off, Peter Jackson is a god damn genius.  Every little detail is magnificently taken care of.  It is interesting though, it was worth more to me because of how much I have read and how many times I have read it.  Given how expensive the tour is I'm not sure how much value other people get out of it.  Being able to answer every trivia question the tour guide was pretty cool too.  Lastly they give everybody a drink at the Green Dragon for going on the tour and that was actually a very good cider.  The pictures tell the story pretty well but if there is one thing I could add it is simply that I was astounded at how remarkable it feels to be on that set.  The tiny fruit trees, the multiple scales of hobbit holes, Bag End, the endless rolling hills and the impeccable detail on every surface was simply astonishing.  A truly magical place.

A bunch of these are just photos from Hobbiton but they are really cool
 Like this one with the bridge and the water wheel

 Do you guys recognize the Green Dragon?

How about now?

This is their Cider

It came from here

This is me in a hobbit hole

This is me in front of a differently scaled hobbit hole

Recognize this?

This is me leaning against the fence of Bag End (in case you didn't recognize the last picture)

After all this magical excitement I did eventually snag a bus to Rotorua where I'll hang out for the next few days before I head to the south island.

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