Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 18

TODAY WAS ROUGH, at first.  I woke up and packed up to get on the Stray bus.  Most of you who know me know that I've been late for a few things every once in a while.  By the time I got to the bus (5 minutes late) my seat had been given away to someone on the wait list.  My timeline being what it is I couldn't actually afford to stay in Wanaka another day.  So I had to book another bus to get to Queenstown today.  That was an unfortunate waste of 35 dollars, but I suppose it could be worse.  I did sit frustrated with myself for most of the rest of the day but I did make it to Queenstown.  Grabbed a phenomenal sandwich for lunch then spent the afternoon booking some adventures for the rest of my time in Queenstown and then wandered around town exploring.  Got a haircut and walked through Queenstown Park.  If Wanaka was the picture of how beautiful nature can be Queenstown was the picture of how beautiful man working with nature can be.  From the rose gardens to the trees from all over the world to lake that surrounds the park it is a very impressively well taken care of park.  The really impressive thing was that walking through that park melted my frustrations from the morning away.
 Mmmhmhmm steak sandwich with grilled onions and beautiful tomatoes
 From the edge of the park
A cool fallen tree next to a rope swing at the edge of the park.

Also I climbed a tree:

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