Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 15

So one of the cool things about the Stray bus is that you are supposed to hop off when you want to spend a few more days anywhere.  I decided Wanaka was a good place for that so I'm actually staying here for a few more days.  I did decide to join the group before they left to a place called Puzzle World.  There are a ton of physical illusions and a giant maze.  Most of my pictures won't do this justice so here is their website:  I did walk my way through this epic maze that took a solid 45 minutes of running and walking.

 Obviously I chose the hard route and walked about 2-3 miles

After that I had to walk back to town because the bus was headed farther out of town.  Between the walking, the last several days of back to back adventure and last nights mountain biking my legs are officially Jello.  So I took it easy.  I sat by the water for a while then went to the hostel and watched a couple movies
Yes this is only a partial sphere (there was a tree behind me)

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