Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 20

Today was supposed to start by rafting some class 5 rapids in the morning and then bungee jump off the top of the biggest jump in this section of the world (143 meters) .  The morning went off without a hitch.  Rafting is a pretty spectacular way to wake up in the morning and while this didn't involve any spectacular bus sized waterfalls it was a pretty exciting river even if our guide was really conservative.  The last bit involved me leaning out of the front of the boat in a giant black tunnel to help steer before we end up coming down this beautiful rapid called Cascade.  While I don't have my own photo  I did find one on the internet.  Yes the cart thing is actually there, leftover from a local gold rush.

Cascade rapid (you can see the tunnel right above it)

The rest of the day did not go as planned.  When I went to check in for the bungee they told me that the wind had kicked up and it was unlikely that I'd actually get to go.  So I had to find something better to do with my afternoon than sit around and do nothing.  Turns out it actually worked out for the best because my afternoon turned out awesome.  I took a gondola ride up the side of a hill next to town and did a few laps on the luge (not actual luge, really cool cart things).  Really wish I could effectively post video right now but since that is a lost cause some pictures will have to do.  All I can say is that the view is spectacular, the luge is hilariously entertaining, and the weather was perfect.

The beautiful view

Some friends of mine from Malaysia that are on the Stray bus with me

 Me looking ridiculous with my Gopro riding the luge
These shouldn't be a surprise at this point :P

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