Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 11

I used the hostel to help me book an awesome jetboat trip last night.  We went to a place called The Squeeze, I think the pictures tell most of the story but my hiking friend, Nick, and I had a blast.

 The Squeeze
The waterfall at the end of the squeeze (that water is like a hot tub)
And the jetboat we rode in on.

I basically had to go straight to the airport from there which is where this is getting written from.  This is a one gate airport with actually no security of any kind.  I got here an hour and a half early... which turns out to be an hour and a half earlier than necessary.  Kinda stupid but very entertaining and free wifi, finally got to have google push my photos up.  Tonight I head to Christchurch before I head on my Stray trip tomorrow.  (Stray is a hop on hop off tourist bus company in New Zealand)

Added later: Turns out Christchurch is an awesome town.  They have the most epic playground ever.  I'm super jealous...
 Yup that is a hundred foot zipline
So jealous.  Three story slide, rock wall, and a giant suspended net just to name a few.

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