Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Grampians 12/28/16

Today was my day trip to the Grampians.  This time I did not miss my train or my alarm (it was a little close).  It did start with another long set of driving but we got to do some very cool hiking (even if all of the hikes were shorter than I had wished).  The first took us up through the Grand Canyon (they have their own here in Australia).  It isn't as big as ours but it is very very cool.
From on top of the cliff because I can't help but climb up things
I love this photosphere because it shows you how the cliffs tower above me even when I am half way up
On the other hand I couldn't turn down the chance to get a sphere from the top
A waterfall we got to hike to (I think it was called Mckenzie)
I may have had to go past some danger don't go here signs to find this epic boulder to climb
A bunch of crap I fished out of the river.  I mean really who leaves behind a shoe.  Take care of these beautiful places.  This amount of plastic can wreak havoc on an environment like this.
The scene from our last real stop of the day
This photosphere from the same cliff really shows off the how much the Grampians just stick out of nowhere.  Endless plains suddenly turn into a massive mountains.
I really can't help myself.

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