Friday, January 20, 2017

Freycinet National Park 1/5/17

Today I hopped a tour bus that took me from Launceston to Hobart via Freycinet National Park (home of wineglass bay).  This is a park I wish I had another few days to spend time in because for 4 hours it just felt like a playground.  Lots of little boulders to hop around on, scraggly peaks to scamper up, beautiful beaches on all sides and just spectacular views from everywhere.

I swear there are more places to take spheres here than anywhere else I've ever been
These are the views that everybody gets
These are those spots that you can only get to when you are willing to push limits a little
I did find that every time I decided to scamper off I found myself in slightly less safe environments
This was the bluff that finally turned me around, the wind kicked up and with these shoes I got too sketched out to keep going up.  I was already a solid 150 feet up off the trail (not straight up but at least a scramble)

These pictures are from the trail to the Wineglass Bay Lookout (didn't actually get to go down to the actual beach because tour bus time lines and I know this is ridiculous because this is supposedly one of the best beaches in Australia).  After running through my playground for a few hours the tour moved onto a few other spots around the national park.  They were pretty and did provide a few great spots for pictures but  I could have spent forever at the first spot.  

This lighthouse lookout was the next place we stopped and I think the motto of the day was fences are meant to be hopped
This was our last stop, I think it was called Honeymoon Beach, it was spectacularly clear water but I'm starting to get frustrated with water side photospheres because they just never stitch together properly.  This was my 3rd attempt and is alright but I definitely took half a dozen near the 12 Apostles and didn't get any that I was particularly happy with.

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