Friday, January 20, 2017

Onward to Cairns 1/6/17

I hate early mornings, like really really hate early travelling mornings.  I had to take a cab to the airport because when I tried to book the shuttle the website kept crapping out on me.  I did however make it to my flight and I avoided getting stopped by Jetstar.  Jetstar has this rule that anything over 7kg has to be checked and paid for.  I only have the one real bag and am not willing to lose it to mediocre bag handling so I have been sneaking my 12 kg bag onto all the Jetstar flights and trying to make it look light so nobody actually checks it.  I'm officially 3 for 3 (lets hope this continues because the one time they catch me I'll be out 100$).

Anyway I got to Cairns and checked into my hostel for the evening where I found out that there is a fruit market called Rusty's on the weekend.  With this new information I double timed it the block and half towards said market and was floored when I met the following epicness.  Mangos of many varieties, from giant and pink to skinny and green.  Bananas in multiple colors, shapes and size.  Mini pineapples that were literally 2 dollars apiece.  Longan and Lychee and Rambutan took center stage in this beautiful mess.  I even found a guy selling coconut (which is odd because in all my time in Australia I can never find fresh coconut despite there being trees everywhere).  

Literally fruit as far as the eye could see
In multiple directions
 My beautiful late lunch included longan, pineapple, and elephant banana, several monkey bananas, a sweet Philippine mango, a dragonfruit, a pair of chicken skewers and one glorious coconut.  Total was like 10 dollars: pretty sure this is what meals in heaven are like. 
I just love how pretty these are

I wandered around Cairns for the rest of the evening and happened to stop by some travel agencies and get a bunch of stuff booked for the next couple of weeks.  Moral of the story on that was haggle.  I think I saved about 200 dollars by being willing to ask for a discount.  After wandering for a while I headed back because I had an early morning in front of me.

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