Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year's Eve in Hobart 12/31/16

After yesterday's extended antics I really needed to sleep in so I took my time getting of bed.  Eventually I made my way down to the Salamanca Market (yes 3rd market in 2 days).  This one is a little more like a cross between an art and wine festival and a farmer's market.  The food proved to still be good though I did not find the variety of ciders I had elsewhere.  I did find one when I walked past the part of the waterfront that was celebrating the end of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race though.  For the afternoon I headed up Mt Wellington and just hiked for hours.  I did get a bus to the top, because I started so late, then hiked from there.

The view from the top of Mt Wellington
Tons of dolorite slabs that made annoyed I keep missing opportunities to take my climbing shoes
The view from halfway down
This is called Octopus Tree, it deserved a picture

Eventually I realized it was getting dark and started heading off the mountain.  I got really lucky because a young family from the the Australian East Coast picked me up and got me into town.  

Happy New Year

Tomorrow I start heading to Launceston via a 3 day tour of the Tasmanian West Coast with Under Down Under tours.

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