Saturday, January 14, 2017

Not Quite Cradle Mountain 1/3/17

Early morning ride as our bus heads back inland towards Cradle Mountain.  I slept through most of it but I woke up to a frustrating surprise.  Apparently we got to the park but don't actually get to scale Cradle Mountain.  Supposedly rated a difficult hike and beyond the time constraints allowed for us.  So that sucked but we instead got to hike to a place called Marion's Lookout and while not as spectacular peak it did offer some incredible views and was actually a very very fun hike (included a few spots that you basically had to drag yourself up on a chain because it was too steep to walk up).  The trail was beautiful and meandered through ponds and lakes and rotated between a wooden boardwalk and completely untouched rock that you had to scramble up.  This may be one of those spots where little I can say is meaningful compared to the pictures I have.  

The start of this hike at the shores of Dove Lake (the sign cracked me up)
On the way up we passed this little lake named Wombat Poo (there may have been an L at some point in time but it wasn't there when I got there)
Apparently the weather is normally awful here but we got lucky and had an absolutely perfect day
Right below the chain climbing you had this view while you prepared
Making it to the top (that is Cradle Mountain in the background next to Dove lake)
The half of my bus group that braved the summit
An absolutely spectacular place
Sometimes covered in a few too many people
After we headed off the mountain somebody spotted a wombat in a field off the side of the road
He is incredibly adorable and has absolutely no fear, he literally walked up to us and then under the boardwalk we were standing on.

As the day waned we headed to Launceston.  When I booked I messed up by waiting too long so all the 5 day trips that would have gotten me to Hobart were booked up.  So while the rest of the bus was going to Hobart over the next 2 days I had only gotten 3 days booked so I was on my own to get to Hobart.  My evening was spent trying to figure out how to pull that off after grabbing a couple of drinks with the group.

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