Sunday, January 1, 2017

Melbourne City 12/27/2016

Since I woke up in the city I figured I might as well explore the city proper for the day.  It was unfortunately gloomy though, clouds and rain throughout the day.  I largely ignored it and wandered from park to park.  I also stopped for a few minutes at the Victoria Market to pick up a pair of bamboo socks (I had a pair that I loved which I got last time I was here).  One thing I forgot to write about was that during my first few days at my uncle's my sandals died.  So since I'm now wearing shoes all the time (for the moment) I figured I should get an extra pair of socks that I really like.

I spent several hours at the Melbourne Museum.  It has one of the coolest mineral collections I've ever seen as well as an incredible exhibit with animals around the world.  I also saw the full skeleton of a Pygmy Blue Whale that washed up on the shores of the Great Ocean Road.   The replica dinosaur fossils were also incredibly impressive.  It was really cool.  Since posting pictures of museums is kinda annoying in my book I'm going to hold off from posting many but I have a couple that I want to use to suggest that the geo nuts I know go to the Melbourne Museum.

After more park hopping the rain started to come down harder and harder so I decided to go watch Rogue One (the new Star Wars movie).  I didn't actually make it because the rain picked up enough that I ducked into a little mall and when I was wandering through there I found an internet cafe and decided to play a few games instead.  Eventually I caught a train back to my uncle's to get ready for the next great adventure.

This one is just really pretty
Chris do you recognize any of these?
Just a beautiful park that I walked through at one point

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  1. Didn't notice this earlier, yeah, you should recognize that Uvarovite as well :). That one is really nice though, we didn't find crystal nearly close to that large at clear creek. Also, there is an Andradite garnet mine near Amador County that I've been to, the crystals can get really large, that's a fun one to dig for. Cool stuff man, bring back some!

    This is Chris BTW