Saturday, January 14, 2017

Strahan Day Trip 1/2/17

So we are staying in Strahan for another night but we did hop on the bus to go check out some of the cool stuff on the west coast.  Our first hike was pretty damp, the rain would go on and off (we are in a rainforest after all), the waterfall at the top was so tall that the mist would blow around and coat everything in a thin layer of water.  The ground was muddy and covered in puddles of unknown depth.  We did get a chance to walk to the base of the impressive waterfall and the even more entertaining little bridge I'm standing on.

I do really like this bridge, it is just shaky enough
I'm not yet convinced that selfies are the right way to take pictures but I can't seem to stop taking them

After the little rain forest hike we stopped by the Henty Sand Dunes and later the beach on the west coast of Tasmania.  Cool, but unfortunately no great pictures.  Eventually we headed back towards Strahan where I wandered up a local trail that led to a waterfall.  I was told that there might be platypuses in the river but I saw none (probably because it was the mid afternoon and they tend to be active right at dusk).

Platypus free river and waterfall :(

This eventually led to some mediocre hostel kitchen eggs and an early night because we have to be up way too early tomorrow.

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