Saturday, January 14, 2017

Launceston 1/4/17

After a very slow morning to catch up on some much needed rest I managed to get booked on a trip going from Launceston to Hobart that went through Freycinet National Park and near Wineglass Bay (I say near because we get to hike to a viewpoint but don't have the time to hike to it properly).  So with my late afternoon (I also had to get laundry and stuff done) I headed to Cataract Gorge to do some hiking.  I started on a chunk of trail called Zig Zag Track and it was incredibly cool if difficult and led me to be really annoyed with myself.  It was pretty steep and as I'm panting half way up I realize that I forgot something really important.  The whole side of the trail is covered in beautiful climbable rock and despite lugging my climbing shoes across the Pacific they were still in my pack at the hostel instead of on this:

ARRRGH where are my shoes....

Anyway I eventually got over it and kept hiking and was occasionally left to pick my jaw off the floor because I'd round a bend and be presented with view like this:
Or this:
I was really not expecting a completely free and open public pool or the peacock
As the sun fell lower I kept finding places that convinced me to keep going just till the next spot.  The view from this bridge is what made me head another couple miles of it (I did run chunks of it because daylight)
The farthest I got up the gorge
Making it out of the gorge as the sun sets
Literally just in time

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