Sunday, March 26, 2017

Noosa 1/19/17 - 1/20/17

When we got back to Rainbow Beach (the place our Frasier trip left from) we were left in the same mediocre hostel we were at before we started.  On the plus side my group decided to cook for me tonight instead (I think Bryce did most of the work) it was pretty good chicken alfredo .  Despite following that with an evening at the hostel bar (they had lots of good cider) I managed to get up way too early to catch my next bus.  I headed towards Noosa which is supposed to be a huge party town and another spot you can leave for Frasier from but I really just wanted to go hiking up and through Noosa National Park. Unfortunately before I could do any of that I had to look for a place to stay.  The lack of cell phone service on Frasier led me to procrastinating too long on that.  The first place I walked to unfortunately did not have any space so I ended up having to backtrack halfway across town to get to the other place that looked good.  On the plus side the hostel was working with one of the tour companies that was holding a small promotional party that evening.  I managed to snag a few free slices of pizza and even won a game of Goon Pong (goon is terrible Australian boxed wine) before walking down the same road for like the 7th time that day on my way back to the hostel.  The next day was a bit more productive and I have to say this was one spectacular chunk of National Park.  Getting to the actual park from my hostel involved walking down this unbelievably pretty section of beach.  Pretty enough that I was questioning whether or not I should go hiking and if I should go surfing instead.  I stuck with it though and it paid off.  When I got to the park I may have gone off road a bit at the start of the hike but in my defense I didn’t realize I was in an off-limits area until I found the actual trail halfway up the side of the mountain with a chain between me and it.

Off limits, maybe, but there was a turtle in there
After I found the actual trail I was lead to this unbelievably perfect section of beach (Alexandria beach/bay).  The thing is this beach carries a secret.  A secret I may have learned about if I bothered to do any real research t this was one of my fly by the seat of my pants kinds of days.  Turns out it is a nude beach and yes there were a few very very old people.
Hell’s Gates and you can’t see it but I found another turtle
This whole trail was covered in views like this.  The water here was a color I’m still not sure I believe. I also made a friend in the park right at the end of the trail (or start, turns out I did the trail backwards from most people).  I snagged a popsicle from the park store and this guy decided he wanted to be friends. 
I think he is a monitor lizard but I’m not sure. 
Apparently he was so distracting I missed a Koala that was supposed to be near there but I think I won.  This dude was actually trying to eat from my hands (I said no because it was my popsicle and I don’t know how to share).

To end my day I snagged a giant pizza before catching a bus back to Brisbane (so I could fly to Airlie Beach in the morning).

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