Sunday, March 26, 2017

A not so terrible travel day 1/21/17

Today was pretty mellow, woke up and took a quick plane trip back north to Airlie Beach (yes this route is screwy).  The cool thing about that flight is that we flew right up the coast I had just hopped down.  That point right there (in the picture) is actually Noosa National Park.  The long stretch of beach on the right is the one that had me questioning what I was doing with my day and the little beach on the right side of the point is Alexandria.
In Airlie Beach I checked into my hostel, ran into Bryce on the street for a few minutes, then grabbed a bite at the bar downstairs from my hostel.  Food was mediocre at best but dirt cheap for anybody staying at the hostel.  Only other mandatory thing on my list was checking in for my Whitsunday Islands cruise that left the next day.  i have to point out one really fundamentally frustrating and important thing here.  I see coconuts and coconut trees everywhere (I even saw a few that I wanted to try and climb a tree to get on Frasier Island).  Despite this I can’t find a single person selling them.  Our tour guide on the Frasier trip said they mostly just get chopped down and thrown away so they don’t fall and hurt somebody.  THROWN AWAY>>>>>>> OMIGOD THIS IS AGRAVATING.

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