Friday, November 18, 2016

So 10 days left.  I haven't written because I've gotten distracted and I can occasionally get a bit lazy.  Problem is now I leave in 10 days, so I have lot to catch up on.  First I can't believe it but yes I'm actually leaving.

I've debated changing the name of this blog and rebuilding it repeatedly but I'm getting to the point where really I just need to get stuff on paper.  If I get to a stage where it makes sense to upgrade things I will.

I'm going to break up the next series of posts into discrete posts because there is a ton to catch up on.


  1. Hi Murugu - Wishing you the best for your trip. Have a lot of fun and keep updating this website. I look forward to your updates. Love - Athai.

  2. Thanks Athai, just got off my first flight. There is an adventure afoot.