Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So, it is time to get tickets booked.  I've been thinking about my hubs concept and think there are a few holes.  Namely with places like Australia if I make it my hub I will have to go back to wherever I started to fly out which could mean flying from Darwin to Melbourne only to fly right back over Darwin back to Singapore (for example).  So instead I'm just going to write down places I'd like to be at what times and then use a travel agent or similar service to get the right plans set for the primary journeys.

So to that end I've been plugging routes and times into some of the travel tools.  (Airtreks, Indie.Bootsnall, Star Alliance RTW, One World RTW, etc).  I've come to the conclusion that the RTW trips while they could be huge in terms of giving me a bunch of airline miles they just don't give me the level of control or flexibility I want and I think I can beat them on price quite thoroughly.

I also really like the idea of having a travel agent in my back pocket in case anything goes down while on my trip.  He may also have suggestions on where I can add an extra couple days here or there without adding too much cost but for some serious benefit.  

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