Monday, February 27, 2017

Not allowed to fly yet... 1/14/17

So my next adventure is to travel down the Australian east coast.  There were options to take a bus down but I only have a couple weeks left before my flight to Bangkok from Sydney (1/27).  So I decided to fly to a few cool places and spend some more time at each of them.  Two small problems with that plan.  First, you can't actually hop straight south and get to all the cool places because to fly to a lot of the small airports you have to fly to one of the big airports first.  Second, you have to wait 24 hours after diving to fly.  The second problem is relatively easy to deal with.  It just meant that I stayed in Cairns for another day and hung out with Mack and Evan for a little longer (after the boat we decided to split a hotel room instead of going back to the hostels... that shower was worth it).  The first meant that I had to get creative with how I fly down the coast.

So, first I'll fly South to Brisbane and take a bus to Rainbow Beach before heading on a multi day 4x4 trip across Frasier Island.  After that I'll take a bus that gives me a day in Noosa before taking me back to Brisbane.  Then I'll fly north to Proserpine and take local transport to Airlie Beach where I'll take a few days to sail around the Whitsunday Islands.  Then I'll fly back south via Brisbane to Sydney where I'll get about a day and a half before hopping on my first first class flight ever to Bangkok.

By the way have I mentioned how jealous I am of kids in other parts of the world.  These playgrounds are so much cooler than any I got to play with as a kid.

Playground in Cairns

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